Sunday, May 9, 2010


Free trials to our emini daytrading systems will help you understand how we do business before investing in US and our programs. We are very different from other online trading firms and we would like the opportunity to show you why.

First, we offer automated buy and sell signals in the SP500 emini market (ES contract on the CME) with three historically backtested and proven intraday trading models. The historical data begins in 1998. Each trading day that passes adds to our historical study.
Our models are highly accurate, with very high win rates, and they generate positive expectancy.

We also take the guesswork out of position sizing for the next trade by providing you with a disciplined money management system. Our money management program will optimize the number of contracts you should be trading on the next trade according to the risk level you have selected. In general, the program will help you maximize profits, minimize losses, and manage drawdowns.

Our general philosophy is to minimize all our risks as best as we can. We put a big emphasis on controlling risk. Some of the ways we do this are by using a money management system, using price and time stops and disciplined entries and exits, trading infrequently, and not holding overnight positions.

For institutional trading firms we also offer the ability to program into our systems through our web service. In addition, we can black box our trading systems for your futures trading customers.

Our trading methodology is not a get rich quick scheme. We are very patient daytraders that follow a disciplined and quantitative trading system. We trade very infrequently, approximately 35-45 times a year.

We also realize there is more to life than trading. We have purposely designed our systems with living a higher quality of life. Some of the ways that we achieve a higher a quality of life are by:

1. Not trading frequently,

2. Not trading in August and December,

3. Knowing if we have the possibility of trades from the day before. If there is nothing for tomorrow than the day is yours.

4. When we do trade it is not for the whole day. A majority of our trading takes place in the morning and is completed by midday.

We invite you to a FREE TRIAL. You will get access to all our programs and services, in addition to receiving five real-time trading signals. You will also have access to our brokerage confirmations which back up everything we say. We invite you to take a test drive today.

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