Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Creativity and Uncertainty, Synchronicities and Trading

We should pay attention to synchronicities that occur in our lives. They may be happening for reasons that we may not currently understand. A synchronicity is what we sometimes call a coincidence, or when two chance events occur at the same time.

Last week I was flipping through the TV channels and caught a few moments of an interview with Mr. Deepak Chopra. All I briefly heard was that creativity tends to occur within uncertainty. I wish I had seen the whole broadcast. Nonetheless, this fragment of information was something I thought about all through the week. As traders, we deal with uncertainty in a variety of ways, so naturally, uncertainty linked with creativity peaked my interest.

Last night, I was looking for a book to read, and began to look at some old books on our shelves. I came across the book, “The Act of Creation,” by Mr. Arthur Koestler. I do not know if you believe that the universe sends messages to us, but I sometimes think it does. This book is about creation and creativity, and how all creative activities have the same basic pattern. I have just begun to read it and I will post my thoughts as I go along over the next period of time.

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