Friday, July 30, 2010

Emini Trading Signals and Alerts

Just a quick thought for those interested in trading...we do not sell our methodology, we sell our trading signals...Those who sell their methodology are probably selling is one of the most difficult things to do successfully...why do you think 95% fail?

now its time for the mountains and some rest after a very difficult seven months...

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  1. My first couple of weeks with Oscar were pretty good. I was totally thrilled to find somebody to do the heavy lifting for awhile. I didn’t have a futures trading account and much of my trading capital was custodial in such a manner that it could not be moved, nor could I use it for futures trading. I followed along with Oscar’s recommendations using ETFs tied to the S&P 500. I began the process of opening a small account just to trade one lot and see how I felt about it. I went threw all the paperwork, asked everybody in the room how much the trade commissions were -’ ask Oscar’ was the reply