Saturday, November 27, 2010

Smile and be Thankful...

A guy calls up his stock broker’s office and asks to speak to his broker Mr. Smith. After an awkward pause the receptionist at the other end informs the client that his broker had died. The caller says nothing in response and hangs up the phone.

A while later the client calls up the office again and asks to speak to his broker. The receptionist pauses for a moment and responds by saying "I'm sorry sir, but your broker is dead." Again, the man says nothing and hangs up the phone.

Several hours later the man calls up again making the same request. The bewildered receptionist asks the caller "Haven't you called here already today asking to speak to Mr. Smith?" The caller replies with a simple "No." The receptionist once again informs the gentleman that his broker has died.

Later on that day the same client calls up the office again, asking to speak to his broker. This time the receptionist is certain that it’s the same guy calling again, so she transfers him to the manager. The manager picks up the phone and offers his assistance. After the caller requests to speak to his broker, the manager responds, "Sir, we have records that you have already called here three times today. Each time you ask to speak to your broker and each time we inform you that your broker has passed away. Why do you keep calling? Don't you realize that the man is dead?"

To this the caller responds, "Oh, I realize that he's dead, I just like to hear you say it..."

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